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Women's Clothing Line

Posted by Laura Harwood on

We are pleased to announce a brand-new Lumber Jane clothing line!

Lumber Jane, from our family to yours.

Oftentimes, we experience feelings of discomfort with ourselves and how we look, especially after having a baby. I figured it's about time you can find things for both your baby and you in the same place. That’s why I am introducing this new line of women's clothes, perfect for your busy life on-the-go.

I’ll be choosing clothing to help restore—by helping you look as beautiful and casually stylish as you deserve. From striped t’s to dresses, in a Lumber Jane piece, you’re guaranteed to look your best, always. Isn’t that how it should be? At Lumber Jane, we believe every woman, no matter who she is, should feel unique and beautiful. Clothing should accent and compliment your inner beauty and strength. And even when you’re dressed for no other occasion than quarantine with your family, sometimes a cute shirt is all you need to look—and feel—yourself.

What makes this line so special is the nature of the clothing. All shirts, dresses, and jumpers are designed in such a way as to help you feel comfortable in your postpartum body, no matter what. With just the right amount of fabric, these clothes offer you both a well-fitting experience and still feel like you’re not exposing your every curve for the world to see. No matter your shape or size, there’s a piece of clothing that’s perfect for you.

Click the “Women’s Clothing” tab at the top of the page to start finding the style that works for you! You won’t be disappointed.
Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @mylumberjane for exclusive offers, giveaways, and more! New products are being added all the time, so don’t miss out!

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